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  WARNING: we found matching errors between songs and tracks, you can read about it in this blog post. data was matched using songs, so it is likely affected. We have the beginning of a fix, a list of song - track pairs that should not be trusted, get it here.


  Welcome to the uedbet官网, the official song tag and song similarity uedbet官网 of the Million Song uedbet官网.

  The MSD team is proud to partner with in order to bring you the largest research collection of song-level tags and precomputed song-level similarity. All the data is associated with MSD tracks, which makes it easy to link it to other MSD resources: audio features, artist data, lyrics, etc.

  Some numbers


  Getting the uedbet官网 API


  Work using the uedbet官网

  Before you read the full description, you might want to know that the uedbet官网 is big. How big?

  943,347 matched tracks MSD <->

  505,216 tracks with at least one tag

  584,897 tracks with at least one similar track

  522,366 unique tags

  8,598,630 (track - tag) pairs

  56,506,688 (track - similar track) pairs

  The uedbet官网 consists of two kinds of data at the song level: tags and similar songs. If you are familiar with the API, it corresponds to the track methods 'getTopTags' and 'getSimilar'.

  Below is a list of the top tags with their total frequencies in the uedbet官网. The graph lets you glance at the total (log) frequencies of the top 200K tags.

  rock 101,071

  pop 69,159

  alternative 55,777

  indie 48,175

  electronic 46,270

  female vocalists 42,565

  favorites 39,921

  Love 34,901

  dance 33,618

  00s 31,432



  Below is the list of similar tracks for Kenny Loggins - Footloose (TRRQSYC128F92DF7C8). The first number is a "similarity measure". Note that we have removed duplicates, see this blog entry regarding the duplicates issue in the MSD.

  1 TRVBGMW12903CBB920 (u'Deniece Williams', u"Let's Hear It For The Boy")

  0.779581 TRUPEBD12903CCDB24 (u'Kenny Loggins', u'Danger Zone')

  0.621877 TRCGAQU128F9364C33 (u'Starship', u'We Built This City')

  0.599988 TRMKELO128F92FF72A (u'Michael Sembello', u'Maniac')

  0.593485 TRFJBDW128F428AB32 (u'Starship', u"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now")

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